Fight for your right to free speech

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"Information is the Currency of Democracy"

While Anonymous is doing all the hard work, you, a citizen of a well established democracy, can help raise the issue in the nation and around the world. It doesn't matter what your political stance is, if you care and want to stop this from happening, there are many ways to do so.
  • Tell your friends, family, co-workers, strangers etc. - Everyone must know of what they are doing by censoring and silencing information and even their political (or otherwise) enemies.
  • Speak up to your local government minister, state or federal - Write up or call them and let them know your stance on internet censorship. They would either know full well about it (and have their own opinions), "heard about it" (and still have their say on it) or absolutely no idea what is happening (scary if they're in the same party as the current government).
  • Speak up to the media - Get writing to the local newspaper or television/radio station and get them aware. They can look more into the issue and attract public attention.
  • Help in the cause - Many of the sites in the links section are working on the solution. You can help by contributing or gathering insight into internet censorship.
  • See the blacklist for yourself - The Government has worked hard to prevent the blacklist from ever being revealed, but the good people over at Wikileaks have released the list for the whole world to see. Check it out yourself: here.
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